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Stone Haven Observatory is a private institution dedicated to the instruction of the general public in the wonders of the night sky. We can give you a tour of the sky, looking at planets, stars, star clusters, nebulas, and galaxies through the telescope you see below.

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Welcome To My New Format!

Hi. I'm known as Astroman on the message boards and as Steve Dodder in "real life". I'm giving this new format a shot. Hopefully, it'll be easier to navigate for you and easier to maintain for me.

I've split the site up a bit into major categories. Clicking on one takes you to the old page until I can update all the formats. Some categories don't really fit into a main idea, so they're by themselves.

The categories are mostly general, except What's in the Sky and tutorials, since these are relatively popular pages. Astronomy encompasses a LOT of ground, so this one is split up inside. The personal pages include other aspects of my life, including my wife, my other hobbies and my political views. Tesla coils is split off because it's my other main passion, though I don't find the time for it except in fits and starts.


The site is in disarray, but I'm workin' on it. If there's something specific you'd like me to fix, just email me or sign the guest book. Cheers!


Thanks for Stopping By!

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Site News

4/12/15 - New hosting setup-testing

3/23/15 - Making a couple changes, mostly to appease the ISP.

Updated link to 2015 GCSPNR.

Updated link to my personal pages, currently under construction.

12/29/11 - Fixed massive bad links on the binocular chair refurbishment pages. Updated style.

4/26/11 - Updated the Stone Haven Observatory pages.

8/26/10 - Uploaded Tutorial Pages with a >NEW< format. The rest of the site will most likely follow this one.

7/19/10 - Beginning a massive update of the site. Already have the ATM pages updated, the Scale Messier object pages and am working on the "What's In The Sky Tonight pages. (August is done, and the whole year's Moon phases are done. Planets next.)

7/4/10 - Grand Canyon Star Party page updated with dates until 2020

5/3/10 - Here goes...

4/29/10 - New software installed for updating site. Lots of news over the last year or so. :-)

3/26/08 -picture of the "new" scope-a 20" F/4.3 I'll be purchasing. Will definitely come in handy at the GCSP!

3/10/09 - A hacker attack took down the server for this website yesterday. I'm working on restoring it.

1/14/08-Rosie and I have agreed to host and coordinate the North Rim contingent of the Grand Canyon Star Party!

We have a very limited number of camp sites available for free to volunteers that agree to stay the entire week and set up a scope for the public each night. Details by emailing me, and/or visiting the link.

12/3/07-Added a new page on the Binocular Chair. Check it out!

06/29/07 - This is the beginning of a new format for my web pages

08/08/07-did some more updating of pages, strongly considering whacking the old site and installing this new one-however flawed.

Site is LIVE, but I forget when I launched it.




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