External Links you may find helpful or interesting

(Listed mostly alphabetically)
My lovely daughter's site...I'm so proud....*sniff*
The American Association of Variable Star Observers (A.A.V.S.O.)
Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers ALPO.
Meteor showers
NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD)
My favoriteAstronomy message board, Stargazer's Lounge
Big Bear Solar Observatory
Lotsa stuff about Black Holes
A site dedicated to Celestron's Ultima 2000 8" SCT
Save our night skies! The International Darksky Association
Check the outreach program at N.O.A.O.-Kitt Peak National Observatory
Astrophotographer Joe Orman's page.
My main club Saguaro Astronomy Club (S.A.C.)
ISS, Iridium flares etc Satellite Visibility
All things observable SEDS
SOHO Solar Observatory
Chris Schur Astrophotographer
Doug Snyder'sexcellent PN site.
Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association (T.A.A.A.)