What's to see in the night sky these days?

Click on this months chart for a list of events and objects visible with the naked eye, in binoculars and small telescopes!

July, 2004

This chart represents the sky as it looks at around 10 PM local time in the month given, or at
8 pm the month after or at midnight the month before. Some adjustment should be made for longitude, but it shouldn't be much. It's also set up for viewers in the northern hemisphere. Sorry southerners. Maybe after I visit there, I'll have a separate page for you. Until then, I guess you'll have to find your way around some other way.

The monthly charts and lists will include such things as the phases of the moon, where the planets are, meteor shower info and some well placed deep sky objects. Meteor showers are linked to the International Meteor Organization's calendar page. Some easy surfing of this site yields probably more info than you can handle about meteors and "shallow sky" stuff. :-)
The deep sky lists are limited to Messier's catalog objects and some of the better named DSO's within 1 hour of right ascension either side of the meridian at 10:00 pm in midmonth, in the interest of space. I've also included a link to the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, (SEDS). This site has tons of info on Messier objects and other DSO's, too. I guess any more info you need could come from Sky and Telescope or Astronomy magazine, or drop me an email or note on my guest book and I'll get back to you. Happy hunting!

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