Here it is, my Amateur Telescope Making page.

It seems like a long time ago now, but I got started in telescope making back in 2000. Since then, I've built around a dozen full telescopes and made countless repairs and improvements to existing scopes, not to mention other projects such as observing chairs, scope refurbs, spectroscope and finder mounts and so on. I'm now delving into equatorial platforms for Dobs, (spurred by my purchase of a 20" F/4.3 Schwaar scope that required many small tweaks), and hope to continue it as a sideline.

Image: 12.5" telescope, builder and customer

Here's the link to the older pages of Amateur Telescope Making. In the mean time, here's a picture of the 12.5" F/4.9 telescope I made for Glenn. That's him on the left, me on the right.

Parallelogram Binocular Mounts

Solar telescope construction
Always consider safety first!

The old Pierre Schwaar chair refurbishment project.
Follow the link to see the restoration unfold.

The NEW Pierre Schwaar Binocular Chair redesign.
NOTE:The chair is functional as of 8/1/2012. Small tweeks will be done to improve performance of various smaller subsystems, but it can be used now. I've logged around 5 hours or so in it as of 8/13/2012 with more "testing" as the weather improves. It will now be called the Steve Dodder Binocular chair, or Beelzebub.




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